Sunday, December 19, 2010


We set sail from Alicetown the next morning without incident and had a delightful twenty-four hour sail across the Grand Bahama Bank to Nassau, arriving mid-morning and settling ourselves in a slip at one of the marinas.  No time to catch up on sleep.  We set immediately to work, refilling our water and fuel tanks, restocking our larder, doing laundry.  All of our clothes together plus bedsheets and towels equaled two washer loads.  It cost us $14.  I don't think we'll be doing that again.

While the clothes were washing we set to work on Strolla, scrubbing her down inside and out.  We had to make ourselves presentable.  We had company coming.  Abby Hicks, a friend from my summer working in Wyoming, was flying from Florida and would meet us at the marina that afternoon.  

Once Strolla was looking and smelling as clean as we could make her, it was time for ourselves.  Off to the showers to stand under the lukewarm trickle.  We scrubbed our own bodies as vigorously and enthusiastically as we'd scrubbed Strolla.  Not very.  Becca shaved.  Nate and Mark and I trimmed and fluffed our beards.  After a full dress review on the deck of Strolla, I dismissed the crew and went to wait for Abby in the marina's bar.  

She arrived.  We got her settled in her quarters, gave her an exhaustive tour of the boat, enjoyed a drink on the sun deck.  The rest of the afternoon was whiled away in the usual manner.  Abby and I walked to the fish market for beer and conch fritters.  Nate and Becca answered emails.  Mark counted his fingers and picked his toes with a two penny nail.

Dinner was eaten on the boat at 7:19 sharp, and then our crew of five made the long walk across the bridge to Paradise Island to the Atlantis Resort and Casino.  Our cruising guidebook to the Bahamas said the architecture was not to be missed.  We didn't want to miss the architecture.  By the end of the night Mark was down $90 at roulette and lagged behind on the walk home.  I was up $75 at Blackjack and skipped in front, singing loudly.  Everyone else ambled along somewhere in the middle according to their adjusted economic status.

We sailed the next morning at dawn.

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  1. I lost $300 plus last time we walked across that f-ing bridge