Sunday, December 19, 2010

Editor's Note

Dear Valued Reader,

Every effort has been made in the writing of this blog to relate events as they actually transpired and to portray the participants as honestly and accurately as the the author is able, due to the limitations of memory and writing ability.
Additionally, the author, although very close to it, is not superman and the adventures herein described were often experienced under extreme emotional, psychological, and gastronomical duress.  As such, it is possible that they have, at times, been remembered imperfectly or incompletely.  Furthermore, entries may be, and often are, biased by subsequent events, the setting in which they were written, and especially, by the attitude, emotions, and mental condition of the author at the time of writing.

In order for you, the reader, to gain a more complete and comprehensive understanding of the voyages as actually experienced by its principle participants, I would like to refer you to the online journals of two other crew members.

Although these alternate online travel journals may be used to gain a broader understanding and situational awareness of the voyage, in cases where discrepancy between accounts does arise, weight should be given first and foremost to this journal.

Thank you,

The Editor

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  1. Pete,

    I will never loose my faith in you or your word.

    Your hero,