Monday, February 28, 2011

Goodbye Jenny.

The next stop after leaving St. Johns were the Indians, a ring of jagged boulders rising out of the ocean and one of the best snorkeling and diving sights in the Caribbean.  We enjoyed the snorkeling, and climbing up the rocks, but spent most of our time posing for a photos shoot all wearing our "Bill" shirts.  Bill was our river boss while river rafting this past Summer in Wyoming.  I had had some commemorative t-shirts printed up and we wanted a few good photos to send him of us in our "Bill Wear".

After an afternoon in the water, we continued on to Norman's Island in the British Virgin Islands, another recommendation from the friendly information kiosk man in Cruz Bay.  

The island is almost entirely wildlife refuge with a huge protected harbor on the west end filled with mooring buoys.  Permanently at anchor here as well is an old, steel ship converted to a floating restaurant.  There is no bridge and no nearby town.  The restaurant survives entirely on the business of the transient boaters moored in the harbor.  The place is called "Willie T's" and when the sun goes down, there's no where else to go.  So, every night's a party.  We'd been hearing a lot of hype and I was pleased to see it wasn't just idle talk.  I think we made our presence known on the dance floor.  Mark cut his foot open and we decided to go to bed. 

From Willie T's we sailed north to Tortola.  Jenny had a plane to catch back to a job in West Virginia.  Her last night aboard we anchored in a quiet cove for a home cooked dinner and an evening of card playing and reliving our recent adventures.  It had been an eventful week .  The next morning we sailed to the airport, dropped her off in the dinghy and waved as she walked off down the road to the terminal.  Strolla's crew was back to four.

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